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The Essential Skills Every Great Product Leader Needs

As a product leader, your job is to represent a product from its inception, launch and throughout its growth stages. Your job entails you to lead teams, create cohesive business strategies and understand the technical mechanics of building a digital product. It’s a career that requires its cross-functional leaders to hold a nuance of both [...]

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Net Neutrality: Do We Need Alternative Legislation?

Net neutrality is anything but neutral. In October 2017, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), led by chairman Ajit Pai, voted to repeal the Open Internet Order that was reinstated in 2015. The legislation has spawned public debate and divided the opinions of everyone from Internet companies and cable conglomerates to innovators and freedom of speech [...]

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The Importance of Blockchain in Today’s Sharing Economy

Blockchain is an essential part of today’s digital world. During the 2008 recession, the sharing economy emerged with investors enthusiastically supporting companies like Uber and Airbnb. Today, these companies are considered unicorns, spearheading the way in their respective industries and revolutionizing the way people use and experience everyday services. In 2009, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey [...]

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Aparna Pujar’s Interview on the Wonder Women Podcast: Part One

The below is a transcript of the Wonder Women podcast, which can be found on YouTube here. Content has been edited for clarity.  --- Monica Antoki Hello everybody and welcome to our Wonder Women podcast, the main podcast for the businessmagazineforwomen.com. In our podcasts, just like in our magazine, we’re focused on promoting women’s voices [...]

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Retail and Revitalization: Strip Malls Use Tech to Build Community

For more than 60 years, malls have acted as the backdrop for communities throughout America. As de facto “town centers”, these downtown destinations brought people together for communal activities and entertainment purposes. But the digital era changed the way cities, businesses, and people operate on a global scale. In retail, e-commerce disrupted traditional modes of [...]

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Emerging Technologies Can Build a World of Compassion

Emerging technologies, from artificially intelligent machine learning to big data analytics, are transforming the way people communicate and interact. Yet, in a world that is heavily influenced by social media, research finds that consumers face increased feelings of isolation, anxiety, and incidents of online bullying. Facebook even has its very own compassion department targeted at [...]

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